Fiat Cars Under Your Budget


When it comes time to purchase a new car, budget tends to weigh heavy on the mind of most consumers. Whether you are purchasing a new car for a teenager who has just obtained their driver's license, investing in a personal car for your daily commute, or a practical vehicle for a small family, value is key. Fiat of Albuquerque is proud to deliver high performance, good looking vehicles that are usually under the budget of most consumers.

Fiat models are extremely affordable for their class. The Fiat 500 has consistently ranked among America's most affordable new cars, and is at the top of its class in terms of technology and safety. Standard features include power locks and windows, air conditioning, hands-free communication technology, and convenient plug-ins for your smartphone so you can listen to audio in a variety of formats. Base Fiat models start at $12,999, making them an excellent choice for drivers searching for a car that aligns with their style as well as their budget. After rebates and prior to sale, you can get behind the wheel of the new Fiat 500 two-door for just $12,999. Fiat is all about possibilities! At Fiat of Albuquerque we make it possible to get a deluxe new car that is actually under your budget. A car under $13,000 with the positive reviews and history of quality that the Fiat 500 possesses is a rare find- take advantage!

The personable and unique models available from Fiat showcase fashion forward Italian design on the exterior, as well as in the interior. A variety of colors are available for both. In addition to models starting from $12,999, Fiat of Albuquerque also offers a variety of cars under $20,000. No matter your choice of Fiat model you will enjoy an extremely fuel efficient powertrain, which will save you even more dollars as you explore our beautiful city.

Car buyers get a lot for their money at Fiat of Albuquerque. We're committed to delivering quality cars that are under your budget, but also reliable, fun to drive, and attractive. All Fiats are brimming with European personality, and from $12,999, it's not hard to find a car to match your unique style. Improve the quality of your commute, and your bank account, by investing in an affordable Fiat.

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